Purchase tickets for access to our concert livestream video.

EVYS will be in-person for our next concert. There will be no seating restrictions related to COVID-19 at this concert. However, we understand that attending a live concert at this time may not be for everyone. EVYS is partnering with Higley Center for the Performing Arts (HCPA) to provide a video livestream of the concert. This livestream will be presented in up to 4K resolution. Purchase of a livestream ticket will give you access to the livestream video, and EVYS will email you a link to the livestream prior to the concert.

This is also provides family and friends who don’t live locally in our community an opportunity to watch our talented musicians perform!

If you have any issues receiving the link, please Contact our Secretary.

A livestream ticket can be purchased for $10.
Purchase using PayPal

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Purchase using Venmo

To purchase through Venmo, either scan the QR code below with the Venmo app, or go to Venmo and look for EVYS at @EVYS‑Symphony.

Please remember to add a note that includes the email address to send the livestream link to.