Volunteer with EVYS

The success of EVYS is dependent on volunteers. With the assistance of our talented conductors, volunteers ensure that EVYS provides students with a challenging, but enjoyable musical experience that helps them grow.

In order to accomplish the goals and mission of EVYS, each family is required to donate service for at least two (2) events per semester per child. Parents unable to donate the required service hours will be assessed $50 for each semester where the requirement is not met. If you have any specific talents or interests that would benefit EVYS, please contact a member of the EVYS board.

Opportunities to serve will be available and your assistance will be requested throughout the year.

Music is the universal language, and it is our desire to facilitate the learning of that important language in our society.

We believe that can be best accomplished by providing a nurturing environment of supportive parents, families, teachers, and communities.

There are opportunities (big and small) to serve with EVYS. Volunteer opportunities include:

· Rehearsal supervisor
· Concert volunteer (tickets, backstage, etc.)
· Copying music
· Set up Sign-up lists
· Fundraising
· IT / Website support
· Photography


Contact the EVYS President or any Board Member to discuss opportunities.